Recommended WordPress Themes & Plugins for 2024

If you’re using Authority Blocks or building a WordPress site in 2024, these are my recommended WordPress settings. Using these recommendations will help you create a high-performance WordPress site that is safe and secure.

Recommended WordPress Setup

Choosing where to register your domain, WordPress hosting, and WordPress theme can be difficult. There are countless options available. These are the products I use and recommend.

Hosting: Kinsta

If you’re serious about your WordPress site, Kinsta is a must. I have been with Kinsta since 2020 and have never looked back.

I love the automatic backups, added firewalls, and built-in cache. My sites have never been faster than they are now thanks to Kinsta.

See all of my WordPress hosting recommendations here.

Theme: Kadence

The free Kadence theme is a must for every WordPress site. The blazing fast theme is completely customizable and has incredible power.

I recommend Kadence Theme Pro for anyone building a dynamic site, as the additional features are very powerful.

And if you’re using Authority Blocks, the Kadence theme will add an extra layer of customization that other themes can’t compete with.

Domain: Namecheap

If you need a domain, Namecheap is my go-to. I’ve been a customer since 2005 and have purchased countless domains with them.

I’ve also purchased premium domains and the process is always easy and simple. Whenever someone asks where to register a domain, I point them to Namecheap.

Recommended WordPress Plugins

There are over 60,000 free WordPress plugins and countless premium plugins. Picking the right ones can improve your site’s performance and your quality of life.

Here are the plugins I use and recommend to everyone.

Kadence Blocks Pro

I build a lot of dynamic websites, Kadence Blocks Pro allows me to turn those dynamic sites into powerhouses.

If you’re building a dynamic site, adding Kadence Blocks Pro is 100% worth the money.

Kadence Conversions

One of the most important plugins in my tool belt is Kadence Conversions. This lightweight plugin allows me to create pop-ups and slide-ins to increase conversions and newsletter subscribers.

It integrates seamlessly into Kadence Blocks and Kadence Theme to create a powerful conversion tool


Perfmatters takes speed seriously. This small plugin will help speed up your site and improve overall performance better than any other performance plugin on the market.

Permalink Manager Pro

Permalink Manager Pro is a must-have for me when I create complex or dynamic WordPress sites. It lets me set the permalink of every post and page exactly how I want. It’s an amazing plugin that I highly recommend.

Rank Math Pro

I personally rely on Rank Math Pro for SEO across all my WordPress sites. In my opinion, its user-friendly interface surpasses that of Yoast and other SEO plugins.

The integration with Woocommerce and Schema is what truly sets it apart. I highly recommend it as a must-have for any SEO needs.


I absolutely love JetEngine! It surpasses other dynamic/custom field plugins with its incredibly robust capabilities.

Whether I’m creating dynamic listing sites or simply adding custom fields, JetEngine is an essential plugin for my WordPress builds.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their website development to the next level!


Thirsty Affiliate is the ultimate plugin for managing affiliate links. It’s my personal favorite and has revolutionized the way I organize my links.

With its dynamic functions, it caters to both beginners and advanced users, making it a must-have tool for anyone serious about affiliate marketing.

Code Snippets

Code Snippets is an exceptional WordPress plugin that I rely on extensively. It allows you to effortlessly incorporate invaluable snippets of code, all while eliminating the risk to your theme’s function.php file.

It’s an indispensable tool for effortlessly crafting dynamic shortcodes and seamlessly integrating vital functions.

Jeremy Koering
Jeremy Koering I’m Jeremy Koering, a web designer in Las Vegas that’s been building profitable websites for over 18 years using WordPress, SEO, and AI. I’m the creator of Authority Blocks. I also operate and Odds Culture.